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friends is AWESOME!

thanks __coldplay__ for telling me about your new community. "Friends" is amazing.

I like friends because it is one of the funniest shows out there. everyone can relate to at least one character. I love absolutely everything about it. there's something memorable from every episode, and I love the way they name them. the one where...... ♥ : ) ♥
My favorite charcter is.... well, I've always had a love for both Joey and Phoebe, so I guess both of them are! both of them are so hysterical. they're both ditzy, and any episode that has them together in the plot just rocks. especially the one where Poebe trys to teach Joey french. I was watchung that the other night and it's so amazing.

anyway, to sum up FRIENDS ROCKS!
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Coolie cool. If you could promote to more people, that would rock!
will do. ♥